Politics in my eyesa view from an outsider

Liberalism vs. Conservatism is not the real battle here. The real battles are the issues that face everyday Americans everyday. Money, healthcare, taxes, racism, and the basic rights being tested everyday. The overarching theme in liberal ideas in the United States is the idea of change. David Bowie says he “don’t want to be a richer man” when it comes to ch-ch-ch-changes, but Americans feel the exact opposite. Generally, liberals believe in government control of money and services, but they want to have the freedom to do what you want with your money. The primary problem with modern liberalism is indecision. Change now, and nonstop change, but this can lead into problems when people just need some stability. Liberals want control, but they say they offer the most freedom. An example is with gun laws, most say either no guns or stricter laws. But hunting is so fun! Seriously, though, I agree its way too easy for criminals to get guns, but some of us need protection. When will all these bad things stop and we have our perfect society? Never. Conservatives have one thing that I agree with, and that is tradition. But, I disagree that it should be kept indefinitely throughout time. The times are definitely a changing, Mr. Dylan. Conservatives play a hard game:Americans love tradition but we also crave new ways to deal with problems. My biggest beef with conservatives is their overuse of religious authority. Chuck Norris approves, but are you really “God’s Candidate?” I think we need some youth in the white house, but tradition does say middle-aged plus white guy. The formula seems to be a little out of date. We still need guns, though. Some great things Liberals have brought to fruition are basic rights for everyone. All races, sexes, and religions are tolerated, yet the job is not done. Racism, sexism, and hating on peoples’ religions are still very evident in today’s society. The changing attitudes of modern-day liberals and varying ideas makes for a difficult journey to a goal. With no common