Thespians enjoy happy end to drama-filled year

Do you long for the day you can perform on stage in front of an eager audience? Do you enjoy coming to the Senior One Acts and the Film Festival each spring, and secretly wish you could be a part of them? It’s easier than you might think. After putting in seventy-five hours of acting and ten hours of crew work, which is equivalent to three plays or musicals, you can be initiated as a Thespian. Then, you will not only be involved in the Film Festival and the Senior One Acts, but you’ll also get the chance to go theatrical events with fellow Thespians. This year’s Thespian President Laura King and Vice President Anne Todey encourage students to join. “It’s definitely a great way to broaden your horizons.” Todey said. Since joining the Thespians, Todey has seen more and more opportunities arise that involve what she loves to do: singing and acting. “It gives you something fun to be involved in and you make new friends,” said King. “We do a lot of cool activities together. Last year we went to The Phantom of the Opera. We haven‘t gone on any group trips this year yet, but we‘re hoping to go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” King, who is now a senior, has been a Thespian since sophomore year and has enjoyed every minute of it. Participating in plays, musicals, and Senior One Acts, is just scraping the surface of her involvement. “When I started it was kind of the “cool thing” to do. But now it’s my passion; I love it, and it’s what I’ll do for the rest of my life,” said King. The Thespians started out a little slow this year due to last year’s finish, which left a lot of things up in the air – including who would be president for the 2007-2008 school year. “I was just made president this fall,” said King. “We had late initiations this year too.” As a result to their rocky start, very few meetings have been held this year. However, the Thespians have been coming back up to speed, having a solid 20 members now compared to just six at the beginning of the year. The Thespians just finished their last public project, the Film Festival, a few weeks ago, which had a very nice turn out. “There were a lot of interesting films this year. It was difficult to decide which category they went under,” said Todey, who helped judge the four intriguing films. As the year comes to an end the Thespians hope to come to a close and find next year’s President and Vice President to carry on. They will also close the year with a banquet to celebrate their accomplishments of the year. With a promising outlook for next year, now is just as good of a time as any to jump at the chance of becoming a Thespian. Not only will you have the chance to do what you love to do, but you will also find others who enjoy it as well. If you truly love to act, its time to share your passion, for as William Shakespeare says in Two Gentlemen of Verona, I:2 “They do not love that do not show their love.”