English teacher Barb White to retire in June

Seniors are not the only people at Ames High who are leaving for good at the end of this year. Barb White, who has taught at Ames High School for the last three decades, has decided to retire. “I am going to miss all the students and staff very much,” White said. “I have been a part of the Ames system for 36 years, and I have really come to enjoy it here.” Mrs. White’s teaching style is traditional and classic, meaning that students must work hard for their grade and learn the curriculum well. She has taught all levels of English at Ames High and is especially known for her ninth grade speech classes. Her goal as a teacher is for her students to be the best that they can be. She smiled everyday and always saw the potential in every student. “It is always nice being around the community and seeing students I had all those years ago,” White said. After this year ends, White plans on getting accustomed to the life of a retired teacher. Then, she plans on doing some traveling. To her, this consists of going to more Kansas State football games and Kansas City Royals games. White also plans on catching up with all the reading she has missed out on all these years. However, she does plan on coming to some Ames High football games during the next few years. White cannot believe her time at Ames High is almost over. “This last year has flown by very fast,” she said. “I have joined the seniors in a countdown to the last day.” Although she is leaving the school, White will never forget her experiences here. Memories for her and her students range from remembering dream speeches to students changing from KU shirts into K-State shirts just for her class. White has definitely accomplished her goal as a teacher: always pushing students to do their best. She has impacted the lives of every student who went through her class, and for this, Ames High thanks her.