Summer lovean expert’s view

Summer is primetime for loving. But what is summer love, really? To define summer love is actually quite difficult, because everyone defines it in their own ways. Some say it is a power clash of emotions between two people, most times on a beach with a sunset. Others agree that it is a summer fling with a hot, young lover. These people generally say summer love can occur anywhere, even in Ames. Others think that summer love is only in the land of Greece. Some go to such lengths as to say love does not even exist, and I call these people crazy. I agree with parts of those theories. It is a clash of emotions, but doesn’t have to take place on a beach with a sunset. The beach is optional and the sunset preferable. Summer love can happen in Ames. You just have to be lucky, or have that sixth sense of knowing which one is right. But surely, do not let this summer fling drag out past summer, unless it was simply meant to be (generally not the case). I encourage minimal contact with the lover after summer has gone past. You may not think so, but this summer should be a great one for love. The warm weather is just setting in, so start whipping out shorts (or skirts, or short skirts) and sandals. Half the battle is preparing for that special time. Let that summer breeze take you away; the time is here for prairie frolicking and flower picking. Walks in parks, or early morning jogs are simply a hot commodity. Do not waste your time, though. Summer seems to be getting shorter and shorter every year, especially if you are a conspiracy theorist. Find that summer love! My advice is to go all out, and never hold back. You will never regret talking to that boy/girl. Just follow your heart. My biggest struggle in my early years was an easily fixable mistake. I simply could not find my rhythm and talk up the girl I was after. Some say I still have this problem, a certain lack of grace. But the key to finding your summer love is to get out there. Make yourself available. Also, do not work all the time. This cuts down on opportunities to find that special someone. Next, get out of town. There are very few good-looking people here in Ames. Most of the lookers are already taken. Take your chances and have some fun; it is definitely worth the risk. I must also give a few do-nots. One for an example is bad hygiene. This is a tragic mistake for anyone in search of summer love or even social interaction at the lowest level. However, letting the beards and mustaches grow could be a great idea, but only if you can. I cannot, so I don’t. Also, try not to be that creepy guy/girl. Also, a summer lover does not send weird text messages or facebook messages. Friend them first, then send a sexy message. Maybe the key is simply not trying to hard and letting love come to you. Capitalize on those date opportunities. First impressions are sometimes the only impressions. Once you find that summer love, ride it until the end of summer. No one needs to buy a date to get one. That much has already been proven.