Tropic plants invade school

As exotic as Iowa may seem to some, the new assorted foliage in our front lobby is a little out of the ordinary. Normally when one thinks of Iowa, one pictures a state filled with corn in the middle of the United States. However, it is now time for change. As global warming progresses, the climate in Iowa will become more suitable for tropical plants. Out of the 225,000 plant species known in the world, 155,000 of them are tropical plants. With such a high percentage of tropical plants, it is reasonable for the school to begin integrating them into our hallways, and then our lives. Fortunately for most, a little more green makes us happier. Even though the tropical plants at Ames High School are just made of plastic, it is the thought that counts. In addition to the tropical plants in the lobby, there are new plants in the corners of the hallway in front of the student services. They can also be found hanging on the window side of the cafeteria and on the side by the entrance. The tropical plants have generated a mixed response from the student body. Some students claim that the plants improve their moods. “These plants make me happy,” junior Dylan Clark said. Others criticize the existence of the plants. “It doesn’t really fit with the décor,” senior Alec Knight said. “I walked into school the first day, and it just stuck out. Tropical plants and Iowa? It’s not a logical jump.” A few find the plants simply confusing. “Are bananas a tropical plant?” senior Hana Yoon asked. From the moment you walk in to the school to the moment you walk out, the extra plant life throughout makes the day a little more exciting. Tropical weather may seem a little strange in Iowa, but tropical plants are now an everyday sight at our school.