You should probably get to know Calvin Song

Most freshmen describe their first years at AHS with words such as “new” and “harder.” For Freshman Calvin Song these words are certainly relevant, but if you were to ask him to describe his year so far he would go a bit farther- maybe using words such as “tennis”, “downstairs bathrooms”, and even “laxatives”. “Most people describe me as the big, annoying, obnoxious Asian kid,” Song casually said. However, Calvin also feels there is more to his personality than just what people typically think. “I’m actually a pretty hard worker and I’m aiming for a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA this year.” Song said. Calvin is well aware that achieving his goals for academic success will be no small feat, especially with the introduction of the well-known, new grading system. However, Song also feels the teachers around him make the task a bit more manageable. “I like all my teachers, not just a certain one. They know how to help me when I’m confused.” Calvin is certainly enjoying and learning a lot from his experiences thus far at AHS. But he also feels the need to address some aspects of the school that, in his opinion, could use some improvement. Take, for example, the downstairs boys bathroom in the main lobby: an issue that Song feels almost embarrassed to talk about. “I hate that the stalls don’t have locks, so when I go do my business, I have to hold the door shut with my hand.” Song said disapprovingly. Along with the AHS bathroom experience, Song also disapproves of the of the school cafeteria food. “The food here is really bad,” Song said,.“It’s like they put laxatives in the cheeseburgers, which makes me use those bad bathrooms even more.” The recent action of putting diet soda in the school vending machines does not escape the wrath of Song’s criticisms either. “The sugar free soda tastes like Maalox, but I guess some people like it anyway,” Song said. “I think the soda has laxatives too; it’s like everything here has freaking lax in it.” Despite Calvin’s daily battles with intestinal disturbance, he feels there is one thing that overshadows all of his colon commotions: Tennis season. “Tennis is the best sport ever,” Song passionately said. “My brother [sophomore Cliff Song] and I have been playing for eight years and I think I’ve got a good shot at making the top five of the team this year.” Calvin certainly is more than enthusiastic for the start of tennis season, but he also realizes the toll it can take on his school work. “Last year Cliff would get home from tennis meets at around 8 PM and get really angry that he couldn’t finish all his homework,” Song said. “I’ve just got to learn how to balance tennis and school by the time season starts so I can keep my cool.” Song looks forward to the busy, if not at times humorous, freshman year ahead of him. “I’ve set some goals for myself this year,” Song said. “I want to do well [academically], but still have fun. Oh, and also to avoid that downstairs bathroom.”