Calves of steel and Canadian sex appeal

Meandering down Ames High hallways, one will see many different people, but one stands out. Eddy Z. Ed started school at Ames High in his junior year, leaving Ottawa, Canada behind. His old school was much different from Ames High. It had block scheduling, with four 75 minute classes a day. School started at 9:15 in the morning and ended at 3:30 in the afternoon. The school Ed went to was an art school, meaning that it emphasized drama and theatre, as opposed to Iowa’s sports-based schools. “There is no football in Ottawa,” Ed said. “Hockey is the most popular sport.” That is a huge difference between Ames and Ottawa. Sports are not nearly as important in Ottawa as they are here, and there are not as many fans in the stands. Another thing that is different in Ottawa is that almost no one drives to school. Everyone uses public transportation instead. His many nicknames include Air Canada, Ed-Word, Word, Eduardo Suave, and, everyone’s favorite, Monster Calves. “Some would say Ed’s calves are his foundation, while others say that if he were born without them, he would have a tough time standing,” Senior Max Tsai said. “Both are true.” Everyone talks about the calves. But how does one attain calves the size of monster trucks? “He does calf raises in the shower,” senior Andrew Rohlfe said. Believe the rumors because they are almost always true when it comes to Eddy Z. But honestly, there is more to Ed-Word than his calves. There is the hair. “I don’t do anything with my hair,” Eddy Z said. “Why would I, I always wear hats.” He does wear hats; plaid trucker hats to be specific. On off hat days, his hair looks like its got styling gel in it. Amazingly, it just has a natural swagger. Ed is smart as well as good looking. “He helps me with math,” senior Sheil Patel said. “That’s why I hang out with him.” His intelligence brings up the biggest question when thinking of Eduardo Suave. “It’s true, Eddy’s calves do have brains,” Senior Issac Strohman said. “They also have names, Taser and Turbo,” Andrew Rohlfe added. Come see Taser and Turbo at basketball and soccer games this year. If you were wondering the Z stands for Zahariev.