Cody Brownadventurous, free spirited, athlete

He has a mane of hair that would make Mufasa jealous. He has chin hair that would make Abe Lincoln green with envy. He has an appetite that rivals Joey Chestnut. His name is Cody Brown, and he is a varsity athlete. All that someone needs to do is mention his name to any freshman, and they will chuckle. Cody is known for his unusual behavior. During his time in Middle School, he stole plastic forks from the lunch lady. He sleeps with a hammer under his pillow just in case of “adventures.” And, he talks like Yoda with worse grammar. Cody does what he wants and what he wants to do is to be unusual. “He’s a free spirit,” said freshman Joel Uhlmeyer, a self-proclaimed friend. Cody is definitely a free spirit-especially his fashion sense. He often wears a corduroy jacket and carries a messenger bag. Any chance that he gets, he dresses like Speed Racer. His shoes are can be a little freaky at times, especially his crocodile skin cowboy boots. Along with the rest of his adventures, Cody runs on the cross-country team. This is his first year running cross-country, and he is already placing in varsity meets. However his cross country season was cut drastically short because of a stress fracture on his left leg. He also plans to be a member of the drill team. During his free time, he often rides his long board around town. Cody has somewhat of a cult following. “I named my Xbox Live account after him,” super senior Dan Lanning said “He is my favorite freshman.” Last year at Ames Middle School, Cody was a Student Council co-president along with Zoe Schlosser. Cody has started his first year at Ames High full of adventure, which he hopes to continue. In the future, Cody plans on starting Cookie Baking Club and joining some existing clubs, like Asian Club. With all of this to start off his high school career, we are only left to speculate where he will go from here.