Pop, lock and drop it b-boy or b-girl style

Jealousy comes in two flavors: bitter resentment and the kind you get when you see people breaking it down on the streets. Now, to comfort yourself you have the chance to learn how to do some breathtaking moves at Breakdance Club. Seniors Alex Kunvatanagarn and Wes Arunsiripate are co-leaders in this new club. Both leaders of this group are experienced dancers. Arunsiripate has been working on his breakdance skills since he was a freshman, and Kunvatanagarn has been practicing his skills in popping, locking, and hip-hop since he was a sophomore. “We have been dancing together since last year and we have always wanted to make a club,” Kunvatanagarn said. “We didn’t really take it seriously last year, but since this is our last year, we kind of wanted to make a club before we left Ames High.” Right now, the club is just a small group of dedicated dancers practicing after school in the back lobby. They expect to have more people show up, by putting up new fliers and advertisements. With the extra members, they hope to be able to practice more. “Learning moves can take an hour to several weeks,” Arunsirpate said. “Hip hop is easy to master if you practice a lot, but breaking is a lot harder to do because of all the types of power moves, such as windmills, flares, air tracks and head spins, all the sweet ones that impress people no matter what.” “If you’re really going to take it seriously, then you practice a lot and you’ll get it fast,” Kunvatanagarn said. The moves may be hard, but with persistence and determination the rewards will come. “By the end of this year, I hope that at least ninety percent of the school, if not everyone, knows about Breakdance club,” Arunsiripate said. If you are ready to become a better dancer, Breakdance Club can turn you from ordinary to extraordinary. “We want someone to keep our club going forever,” Kunvatanagarn said. If you don’t give up and continue to learn the way of a b-boy or b-girl, you will have amazing skills in the art of dancing. When asked why breakdancing is the way to go, Arunsiripate answered, “breaking is such a good way to stay in shape with style.”