Tsai radiates light, brightens lives

Senior Max Tsai has it all. He is a varsity tennis player, has a collection of Orchestra letters, is a talented piano player and, to top it off, was chosen for this year’s Homecoming Court. “Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about getting on Homecoming Court,” Tsai said. “After I found out, I rushed home to write it in my diary.” It hurt Tsai when he was not chosen for Homecoming King or Queen. “I was so crushed and devastated that I stood in the bathtub and looked at my reflection in the water and cried out ‘WHY?’” Tsai said. “Then I realized I was beautiful, and it hurt much, much less.” When the activities of each member of Homecoming Court were announced at the Friday football game, some students may have been surprised to hear seal-clubbing listed as one of Tsai’s. “I would like to clarify that I am very anti-seal-clubbing,” Tsai said. He is, in fact, an advocate for saving baby seals. Some of Tsai’s actual activities include playing piano, viola, tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, and video games. Tsai considers that his greatest achievement (other than getting on Homecoming Court, of course) is getting an Orchestra letter for three years in a row. Other highlights of his life include getting his varsity tennis letter and going on a road trip to the Lollapalooza music festival this past summer. When asked for three words that describe him best, Tsai responded with “great bone structure.” He maintains his bone structure with constant vigilance and a high calcium intake. Tsai, like others, has challenges in his life. “My greatest challenge is living up to what I did yesterday,” Tsai said. His secondary challenge is rallying the Orchestra viola section. “One of my quirks is eating large amounts of food while saying it’s disgusting, “ Tsai admits. On one memorable occasion, he reportedly continued wolfing down Whoppers, even while saying out loud that they were disgusting and “the worst thing ever.” Despite his strange eating habits and moments of criticism, Tsai’s friends enjoy his company. “When he walks in the room, the sun gets a little brighter, and everyone is a little happier,” senior James Fang said.