Ohmygosh! Twilight!

Now that the elections are over, another event in November is taking center stage: Twilight . The on-screen adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer’s popular vampire novel enters theaters this weekend, and is aiming to break the record for Thanksgiving ticket sales. The success of Twilight is comparable to the Harry Potter series, but what makes the book and upcoming film so popular? "It’s a soap opera," sophomore Lindsay Shanks said. Undoubtedly, the plot of the book may not be rock solid, but that doesn’t keep people from reading or rereading it. "I’m rereading it before the movie," sophomore Meredith Stabel said. The main character, Bella Swan, is played by Kristen Stewart, who also starred in Into the Wild and Speak . She plays a new girl in Forks, a small town in Oregon, who discovers that Edward Cullen, the most beautiful person in town, is actually a vampire. Drama ensues when Bella finds out the danger in her new relationship. "It looks really intense," freshman Katelyn Thilges said. When the movie was announced last year, fans of the series have literally followed the production of the film since its beginning in February. The cast of the film has also gained attention since its start in February, mainly because of their resemblance or lack of resemblance to the actual characters in the book. "I don’t think [Robert Pattinson] looks like Edward," junior Sydney Brause said. The novel has fans that are more irritated than excited. "Bella’s really annoying," junior Abby Hartzler said. "A lot of Twilight fans have no respect for themselves," said junior Monica Dreasher. Opinions of the actors may not be the same, but anticipation for the film by its passionate fans is undeniable. "We’ve already bought our tickets," sophomore Whitney Manhart said. "I’m going to see it at 12:01," senior Kimberly Morales said. Nobody knows how the movie is going to turn out but most people who have read the novel have one of two opinions: it is one of the greatest books they have ever read, or one of the worst.