Recon planes, artillery strikes and attack dogs. OH MY!

Black is the new red. Bagels are the new muffins. Call of Duty: World at War is the new Call of Duty 4 . All of these bold, curious statements are true. In what way is black the new red? No one cares. In what way are bagels the new muffins? Cream cheese and less crumbs. In what way is CoD: WaW the new CoD 4 ? Dogs, new weapon perks and much more. How, you ask, can CoD: WaW supplant a game that, on June 3 sold its ten millionth unit? Quite simply, actually. CoD: WaW uses the same game engine that CoD 4 used, the same create a class and perks system the CoD 4 used and the same concept of multiplayer action that its distinguished predecessor used. Not all is the same, however. Treyarch, the developers of the paltry Call of Duty 3 , developed World at War instead of Infinity Ward, the developer of CoD 4 . This change worried and frustrated many loyal players. " Call of Duty 3 was terrible compared to Call of Duty 4 ," sophomore Justin Tylka said. "It’s like House Party 3 compared to House Party . Kid and Play really just dropped the ball on all the sequels, much like Treyarch after Call of Duty 2 . They made a great game and then followed it up with a used diaper of a game. I was really worried that the same would happen in the transition from [ Call of Duty ] 4 to [ Call of Duty ] WaW ." Luckily for all consumers who went out on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at midnight and got CoD: WaW , it wasn’t a 60-dollar used diaper, but a game that has the replay value of Smash Bros. Melee and other timeless classics. All of the slight, but noticeable, glitches and hindrances of CoD 4 have been fixed. Party privacy can now be set to invite only in order to exclude all of the annoying friends one may have. Host switching is smoother than ever and prestiges aren’t done for, well, prestige. At the first, second, fourth, seventh and tenth prestige an extra create-a-class slot is unlocked, making 5 extra in total. This is not a drastic change, but a significant one for players who like to use a variety of weapons and perks in every match. New perks, vehicle perks, two new grenades, new weapon attachments, a larger number of maps, and an added party feature are what really make CoD: WaW its own game. Vehicles add to the dynamic of a match, new weapon perks add on to the customizability of CoD 4 and the improved party system is a true bonus. Members of one’s party appear on the radar, and the game lobby as blue. Squads can also be made in order to assault different points of the map at once, and a map has replaced the worthless night vision (when the D-pad is pressed up). CoD: WaW isn’t perfect – the knife isn’t perfect, levels 48 to 54 are tougher to run through and the spawn system can sometimes be manipulated for frustrating spawn kills – but the game succeeds far more than it fails. CoD 4 wasn’t perfect, but people still played it until the game disc wore out.