Thanksgiving: a time to eat, watch football, and isolate yourself from your family

With huge parties, tasty turkeys, football and family reunions, Thanksgiving is a holiday of rejoicing and relaxation, yet it always carries the sense of reflection on the various things for which we are thankful. Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving with dinners that consist of a combination of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and a big juicy turkey. "The food is my favorite part of Thanksgiving," sophomore Joel Rosenberg said. "Thanksgiving? We watch football!" junior Andrew Moore said. NFL football on Thanksgiving has been an American tradition. This season’s Thanksgiving games include: Seattle at Dallas, Tennessee at Detroit and Arizona at Philadelphia. To a lot of people who celebrate Thanksgiving, this is the highlight of their holidays. There’s nothing more pleasant than sitting with your extended family in a cozy living room lit by the fireplace and rooting for your favorite team. "During Thanksgiving, I hide in my room and avoid my siblings," senior Jay Rollins said. Not all of us like everyone in our families. In fact, meeting complete strangers is very common in Thanksgiving parties. Typically, those images tend to convey a sense of alienation and sometimes annoyance. But Thanksgiving never fails to bring families, friends, strangers and even enemies closer together. It is one of the rarest times of the year during which we celebrate the people we love as well as the people we hate. "We are always thankful for all the wonderful people around us," said seniors Lucy Ma and April Suen. Even senior Raphael Wasilewski, a Brazilian with a Polish last name, celebrates Thanksgiving with parties and turkey dinners. "I like Thanksgiving because it is time of family gatherings. Plus, it helps us realize how much we need the people around us, even when it’s not Thanksgiving," Wasilewski said. "We, as Americans, have a lot to be thankful for," history teacher Tim Mooney said. He has a great point. America is the most prosperous nation in the world, a concept that very few people realize. "I am thankful to have food, shelter, clothes, education and safe roads on which I can bike." Mooney said. "Also, I’m thankful for the peaceful transition of power in America, whereas in another country, the dictator would shoot the other candidate." This Thanksgiving, we all have something to be thankful for. So instead of losing ourselves in massive frenzies of television, video games, and sleep, it would be for our own pleasures to reflect upon the blessings that have befallen us this past year.