President Bush will be thoroughly missed

President George Walker "Texas Ranger" Bush doesn’t have much time left in office. While some Americans look forward to a new president, Barack Obama, we are deeply saddened by the departure of Bush. Our current president has given us all something to look forward to each day, and the day he leaves office is no exception. Jan. 20, the day President Bush leaves office, is going to be a sad day for all Americans, nay, every citizen of the world. Most Ames High students remember Bush as the president who lost the popular vote, started two wars, and was a major influence in the current economic problem, but we would like to think of him as the president with the funniest accent, although he has stiff competition from Grover Cleveland. "You teach a child to read and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test," Bush said. And that is the kind of insight we were all glad to have in our education policies. Being students at Ames High, most of us have felt firsthand how awesome George W. Bush’s education policies were. The standardized tests that we all took a few weeks back were a blast of amazement and learnification. "Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB/GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country," Bush once said. We are all glad that George W. Bush was able to practice his love with all of us. In fact, he will go down in history as the most loving president ever. Even though he didn’t win the popular vote in 2000, he loved us all as if we were his own. One of the reason we have all enjoyed George W. Bush so much is his maverickiness. Throughout a lot of his years in the Oval Office, he wasn’t popular with the American people. He was so unpopular, we like to think that he is just super-duper indie-to the point of being legendary. This man was a free spirit in every sense of the word, unless his daddy Dick Cheney had something to say. As young as we are, we only remember parts of the Bush administration, and it all seemed like eight years of vague mysticism and complex alchemy. But we can only look forward to Bush’s autobiography/coloring book to come out, so that we can fully understand just how awesome George Walker "Texas Ranger" Bush truly was.