A dancing teddy bear

The urge to grab Justin Tylka and hold him like a teddy bear is overwhelming for some. It is nearly impossible to walk by Justin Tylka and not sneak a pinch on his cheek. This adorable sophomore’s smile could brighten anyone’s day. Tylka not only participates in football, drill team and tennis, but he also overshadows all the competition. The 6’ 1” tackle maneuvers his offense with fantastic speed and strength. There is also a more graceful side of Justin Tylka, which is showcased on the all-male drill team that recently finished first at the state competition. “I would say my toe touch is the best facet of my dancing career,” Tylka said. Tylka also uses his strength from football to be a part of Ames’ coed drill team. “I am really thankful for my partner [Jackie Mason],” Tylka said. Tylka assisted the coed team to a third place finish at the state competition. Tylka finishes his long athletic year with tennis. He almost glides across the court when playing opponents. His nimble feet and powerful serves intimidate the toughest opponents. Along with his three sports, Tylka also plays I-ball for the Big Reds. He hopes to change their name to the Michael Vick Experience or Boogie Knights. Their one-and-five record would seem disappointing to some, but they are proud of their victory. “We have got a lot of returning veterans and some rookies that are looking strong,” Tylka said. Tylka enjoys many activities in his spare time. “I am a heavy drinker,” Tylka said, “mostly juice.” Tylka’s other hobbies include Facebook stalking and watching The Passion of the Christ. He is also an active member of Asian Club. “I make a mean frozen pizza,” Tylka said. “I don’t like running, walking or any other kinds of movement,” Tylka said. This modest man knows how to get things done even when he doesn’t like to do them. His drive and determination lead him to do great things. “I plan to eventually secede from the U.S. and form the nation of Nipopolis,” Tylka said. His dreams are as big as his heart. Tylka’s soft side compliments his rugged side like butter compliments bread. This perfect combination of sensitivity and robustness is loved by all at AHS. The easiest way to describe Justin Tylka is large and in charge.