Adam Hanson: He really does matter

As he sat in his 4th period study hall, freshman Adam Hanson appeared to be a regular teenage guy, just trying to make it through the daily struggles of high school. His head rested on the table as he sat slumped in his chair, either out of exhaustion or sheer boredom. "I sleep a lot during study hall," admitted Hanson. "And math class." However, others see much more than an average high schooler when they look at Hanson. "I’ve been described as a wolf, a monkey, a squirrel, and, a couple times, a gerbil," Hanson said. "People say I look like a gerbil when I eat." "He kind of reminds me of a twitchy preying mantis," freshman Hangil Lee said. While he may be the embodiment of many different creatures, Adam Hanson is, ultimately, none other than himself. He possesses a vivid personality that has caught the attention of many of his fellow schoolmates. "Adam is indescribable." freshman Johnny Hadish said. "He expresses himself in a very unique way." junior Molly Moore said. When talking about his own disposition, Hanson remarked, "I’m like a psychopath sometimes, but not in a bad way. Sometimes, I’m fun when I’m crazy." Hanson has come to be well-known not only through his colorful personality, but as the freshman that has been ridiculed in The WEB ‘s past photo-opinion polls. This may be due to a few possibly fabricated quotes, including the infamous "I don’t matter", and a photograph of him looking rather stoic. Although Hanson openly stated his disapproval about how The WEB chose to portray him, luckily, he relented to speaking with The WEB . Hanson said that he, honestly, has not enjoyed his freshman year so far. Aside from complaining about a few of his classes and teachers, he also took some time to comment on the quality of the school lunches. When talking about eating the hamburgers, Hanson said that they are the "equivalent of eating rubber." But in the midst of the trials of high school, there have also been positive points for Hanson, such as Spanish class, and his social studies teacher. "Mr. Stevens is awesome," Hanson said. When he’s not busy trying to catch some sleep in study hall or eating rubber, Adam enjoys reading in his spare time. Not one to be picky in his choice of reading material, Hanson has said that he "will read anything." When asked if he had read the popular Twilight series, Hanson replied, "Admittedly, yes, I read Twilight . Shit happens ." Hanson also plays the piano, but modestly added that he "sort of sucks." Hanson is also skilled at the popular number puzzle Sudoku, and can be found helping his friends with Sudoku from time to time. "[Adam’s] too good at Sudoku." Hadish said. The photograph of Adam Hanson from the past photo-opinion polls does him no justice. The student in the photo appears to be empty, burned out and apathetic. But in reality, Hanson is a lively character who proves that, contrary to ignorant popular belief, he does matter.