George Bush hates Christmas music

Sex. Drugs. Gang violence. Fifty years ago these things would have been interesting and intriguing, but now they are played out clichés and, in some families, an achievable goal blaring through the speakers. This soundtrack changes for a month and half for a diverse group of people thanks to, not Jesus Christ, but musicians that vaguely talk about his birthday. “I’ve been a bit too embarrassed to say anything, but I love Christmas music,” sophomore Evan Weible said. Be it jazzed-up muzak versions playing over mall speakers and dentists’ offices or indie versions played by Sufjan Stevens in an indie coffee shop, Christmas music is a universal that all types and creeds of people enjoy. “I know plenty of Jewish people that actually enjoy listening to the occasional Christmas tune, but I won’t name any. I don’t want to get anybody excommunicated.” Weible said. Complaints are heard every year. The music starts around early November, but the number of grandmothers dancing in Kohl’s department stores continues to remain constant regardless of the timing of the festive music. Before religion dictates whether or not this cheery music should be listened to, people should simply think about previous experiences with Christmas music. “Christmas music doesn’t remind me of Christmas, it reminds me of spending time with my family and winter break, not to mention all the fun that comes along with not being in school,” Weible said. Christmas music doesn’t need to be a cruel reminder of a Christian majority, but a soundtrack for a season and trigger of memories past. Musical artists like Vince Guaraldi are remembered solely for their Christmas music, but that shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Guaraldi is the man with the amazing mustache behind the best Christmas album of all time. “The A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is amazing. It reminds me of watching the TV show with my entire family. It really takes me back,” senior Lindsay Burke said. “Christmas, contrary to popular belief, isn’t about presents and it doesn’t even need to be about Christ. The time spent with the family is really taken for granted. Everyone needs to pop in A Dean Martin Christmas and sit around the table eating sugar cookies with their family instead of worrying about the rising cost of Uggs and trivial things like that.”