Thank you! Seriously.

Thank you Ames High. You all were much more involved in politics in this election than most likely ever before. It warmed my heart to see the political pins and T-shirts and overhear people talking about volunteering with campaigns. Thank you Ames. You were a hotbed of progressivism and created a spirit that made all of us believe the rhetoric. As a city, you had hope for change , and you effected real change. Thank you Story County. You reelected a great county supervisor and kept strong leadership in local offices. Thank you Iowa. You paid attention to the issues. You made the candidates answer your question. You had a record caucus turnout, and you reelected one of the best senators in America. Thank you Midwest. You trended towards what is correct. You showed a corrupt senator in Minnesota that we want change. You housed the new president for many years, and you deserve credit for all your work to change the country. Thank you David Ploufe. You were an amazing campaign manager and running perhaps the most beautiful campaign that America has ever seen. Thank you campaign staffers. From those who were paid little-to-nothing to go door-to-door over a year ago for a candidate in whom they originally believed, to those who volunteered their time just a couple months ago to make phone calls to assure that America would take a turn for the better. Thank you John McCain, you attempted to stay above the fray as much as possible by trying to not campaign as dirty as the rest of your dying party. Thank you Howard Dean. You were innovative and ultimately lead to hope overcoming fear. Thank you Bill Ayers. You kept your cool when ignorant politicians and a despicable FOX newsroom attacked your character. Thank you Sarah Palin, your incompetence made it so change was all but assured. Thank you Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, and the rest of the media for showing us the true side to Sarah Palin. Thank you Tim Russert. We miss you. Thank you Anderson Cooper. We all enjoyed your steely good looks. Thank you Wolf Blitzer. I myself have never spoken to a hologram. Thank you MSNBC, and especially Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris Mathews, and David Shuster. You were all phenomenal in covering the digging up of scandals and illegal activities to which the American people have been subjected. Thank you FOX News. You reminded us how fabricated, dishonest, and biased even well-funded and successful news companies such as yourself can be. You made us have to stay on our toes, watching out for ourselves. Thank you You were truly the best blog on the internet giving up to date and well-researched information and opinion. Thank you Nas, Young Jeezy, Jaz-Z, Ludacris, and the rest of the hip-hop community for all your work in supporting the betterment of America. Thank you Hillary Clinton. You were in one hell of a fight, but when it was over, you did everything you could for what is right, and now you are our chief diplomat. Thank you Rush Limbaugh. You continued to show such a high level of racism, incompetence, and a blatant misunderstanding of American society that many people were scared away from your party because of you. Thank you Alan Colmes. John Stewart is right in that you were the brick holding down Hannity’s hot air crazy balloon. Thank you Dick Cheney, seeing you injured reminded us that there is some form of karma in the world. Thank you Joe Biden. You have shown excellent leadership and humanity in your campaign. Unlike the last man to fill your place, you want to see an America with dignity that is secure. Thank you George Bush. You really messed up the country, but you worked with the incoming President to make the transition of power as smooth as possible. Also, you understood the need for justice and did not pardon the criminal, Scooter Libby. Thank you Barack Obama. On your first full day in office, you sent a loud message to the world: AMERICA DOES NOT TORTURE. During your first days in office, you have shown that you are willing to stand strong for what you believe. You are the leader we need. Thanks America. You did it. I could not be any more proud. Congratulations.