Who would have thought that Spy Kids 3D was an influential film?

The third dimension is very well known to us. Hollywood on the other hand, is just now discovering its full potential. As if movies weren’t exciting enough, the Hollywood execs decided to add another dimension to their films. Americans have been going to less and less movies at the theater. With new ways to watch movies such as Netflix, Redbox and pay-per-view, the executives need a way to bring more people to the theater. Their answer… 3D movies. A barrage of 3D releases are premiering in 2009. Disney and Pixar have already released Bolt in 3D and plan to release Up and Toy Story in 3D. Other films coming out are Coraline, Monsters vs. Aliens, Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs and Final Destination: Death trip 3D. This caliber of new releases is sure to flock the masses towards the 3D theaters. The excitement of the third dimension will cost you. A 3D movie will cost you around 5 dollars more than a regular 2D movie. Are five dollars really worth another dimension? I decided to find out for myself. I spent $11.25 on a ticket to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. I received my very own RealD 3D glasses and couldn’t have been more excited. I instinctively put the glasses on right away to enjoy the 3D previews. I was very disappointed when I saw these 3D previews because I thought I was in for one dizzy experience. I was relieved and disappointed to find out the previews were not in 3D. When it was finally time to put on my glasses, I was disoriented, sick to my stomach and ready to leave. The pulsing red letters that ordered me to put my glasses on literally jumped out at me (excuse the cliché). It was all downhill from there. At first I was impressed with the opening credits but not long after that it snowballed into a 3rd dimension disaster. It was easy to focus on words when they are the only things on the screen. But once multiple characters enter the scene, it is hard to focus on more than one character at a time. There is no eye wandering at 3D movies. The movie is made for your eyes to focus on certain things at a time. The subjects of the 3D effects are crisp and bulging. The subjects not focused on are blurrier than photographer suffering a seizure’s picture. I personally go to movies to enjoy the charismatic characters and compelling story lines. My Bloody Valentine had neither interesting characters nor a captivating story line. This movie would have been just as terrible in 2D. The fact that the third dimension was added does not add quality to the movie. The plot was tired and the 3D just made me dizzy, not excited or scared. 3D takes away what made movies good. If all moviemakers focus on doing is making things shoot out at you, the fabric of the story be affected in a negative way. The quality of picture shouldn’t be determined by how pretty it looks, but by how genuine the actual story is.