McDermott: the greatest ever?

Once every twenty years or so, a basketball player comes along that shocks, surprises and awes the crowds, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and now Doug McDermott. Just like the students at King James’ high school, students at Ames High School are walking alongside another member of the sophisticated hoop aristocracy. “Count Dougula” McDermott is just like every other Ames High student, with one exception, Doug doesn’t miss. He’ll just pass this off as hearsay, but that’s just him being the modest person that he is. “Everyone misses shots, and I’ve missed a few.” junior Doug McDermott said. Although McDermott has missed the odd shot every now and again he has developed quite the fan base among students at Ames High School, including some members of the Ames High basketball teams. “He’s really, really good. Almost too good. It’s kind of scary just how good he is.” junior Kionna Kellogg said. No one really knows what makes McDermott so good, but it could be the fact that it is somewhat of a family tradition or it could be the many years of experience McDermott has playing basketball. “I shot my first basketball when I was about two years old and I was on my first AAU team when I was in fourth grade,” McDermott said. “I’ve been playing most my life.” As a child Doug was surrounded by basketball. This is in large part to his father, Greg McDermott, who is currently the ISU men’s basketball team’s head coach. “My dad has been a coach since I was born so I’ve been working with him on skills and watching him coach for as long as I remember,” Doug said. “When I was little I would always feel bad for the players that he yelled at in practice.” That empathy and stunning looks have some Ames High students swooning over the junior phenom. “He’s so dreamy,” junior Regan Davis said. “He’s basically the definition of tall, dark and handsome, except for the fact that he’s not so tan, but he is really tall, so that should make up for lack of the tan.” Doug McDermott seems to have it all; good looks, a killer nickname (Count Dougula), a great attitude, and lankiness beyond comprehension, but where does Doug get his trademark feature? “My dad is 6’9”, so that’s where I got all my height, as for my brother I guess he got his height from our mom,” Doug said. Doug McDermott isn’t an athlete with natural talent and no drive. He is a hard working basketball player with the drive to win, a need to help his teammates and a work ethic similar to a field mule. “He’s good with both of his hands and he has a lot of length,” junior James Kohler said. “To be quite honest he could probably play in Greece next for year for Olympiacos along side Josh Childress.” The prospect of going pro two years early has occurred to McDermott, but he decided to stifle the rumors preemptively. “I am announcing this, after long thought and consideration, I have decided to come back to Ames High for another season,” McDermott said. “Coach Downs is the perfect coach for this team and I love the atmosphere of the Ames High gymnasium.” Although this announcement may disappoint some Euro Basketball enthusiasts, every AHS student should be excited that they get to see the man-child that is Doug McDermott for another year.