If Bret Michaels got any cooler, he’d freeze

Many people today believe that there has been nothing to watch on TV ever since Angry Beavers got canceled. This is wrong, thanks to the good people at VH1, there is a new line up of shows going on that is both innovative and thought provoking. This winter brought out the best thing in television since they added color, Tool Academy and Rock of Love Bus. Tool Academy brings a group of guys that are labeled as “tools” by their girlfriends in order to make them better people and ultimately save their relationships. They got the name tool by being “arrogant, dishonest, thoughtless, and unfaithful.” The show moves along by having the contestants face couples therapy and a slew of other challenges designed to judge and enhance the progress of their relationship. If they are the winner they get to go to the conjugal visit room, which is a room where they are allowed to be alone and make sexy time. “I hope someday I get to go to the conjugal visit room,” senior Spencer Botine said. What makes the show truly great is how it takes a modern issue in our society and turns it into a game. For all the forty-year-old guys with high dollar hair extensions that wear eyeliner that feel they aren’t tools, like Bret Michaels, there is another show on Vh1 that is perfect for you. It’s called Rock of Love Bus. “It’s a bunch of hot smutty girls fighting over a hot Rock star,” Botine said. Rock of Love Bus takes the talented singer of Poison, Bret Michaels and places him with 20 girls all fighting for his love and affection. Along with the challenge of being on the road, the girls are given challenges to win dates with Bret. Although this is the third time around with Rock of Love (the first winner denied him and he called it off with the second winner) Bret is confident that he will find the right girl this time because as everyone knows the best way to find the best mate is to make them suffer through a series of challenges. But some people feel different, “ American entertainment at its best, there are going to be an infinite amount of seasons,“ said Botine. Bret Michaels seems to have a pretty good set up; however there seems to be something missing from the lineup of contestants, a guy. VH1 has a winning formula of how to create good and worthwhile TV shows. The kind of TV shows that every one should watch, if not just for the informational content. The VH1 formula for high quality TV shows is truly the quality of future television shows. The only question is how high is the roof of excellence for VH1 and where is the glass elevator that can take us there?