Appreciate the time that you spend with the one you love

Red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and love letters seem to be all Valentine’s Day is about. But the true meaning, untainted by marketing and popular culture, is to be with the one person who makes you happy. Many people think that this love-filled day is just a lame excuse to spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but in truth it is more than that. It is a time to show just how much you truly love someone and to display your affection to him or her. Ever since we were in elementary school we were led to believe that Valentine’s Day is just another Halloween without the costumes and a little less candy. With a little more pink and red, Valentine’s Day is more than just buying candy and cards for all of your classmates, but a time to show your appreciation for someone precious to you. To make this day special you don’t need to spend money on expensive flowers or chocolates, but all you need is to spend time thinking ahead. What means more a fancy dinner or homemade heartfelt dinner from your lover? Just spending time talking or watching movies are all you really need to make this day special. In this modern society a time of constant distractions and disturbances our attentions are being pulled into a thin film. Taking time to pay attention to things that truly matter has become a rare occurrence. Pretty soon we will be pulled into an abyss of mediocrity. To stop this we have to make sacrifices to spend time with people you really care about. We as Americans take everything for granted: natural resources, minorities, materialistic items, and even relationships. It is time to show those around you that you appreciate them. Instead of just being nice to them take a moment to review all of the things that have happened in your relationship. Give up a piece of your day to show them that you really value what the two of you share. Instead of all the modern commercial interests surrounding Valentine’s Day, it is a time to celebrate the bond connecting two people. Despite all the distractions we face as humans, we need to see past the problems and realize the beauty of what you have.