PDA…Please Refrain

A bell rings, signaling the start of passing period. As students walk through the halls, heads turn. A couple can be seen leaning against a row of lockers, holding hands and sucking on each other’s tongues . Some onlookers snicker, and others simply shake their heads and walk away. A few students even begin to vomit violently. Public displays of affection, or "PDA", similar to this one can be found throughout Ames High. They can range from simply holding hands to the unmitigated eating of the face. “I see PDA in the school as often as I find Ratatas right outside of Pallet Town,” freshman Felix Yang said. “It bothers me sometimes. I guess it is okay when people are just holding hands, but it’s disturbing to see people making out in the hallways. It’s just wrong." The most common forms of PDA are holding hands and getting intimately close to one another. These displays of affection usually occur just outside a classroom or by a row of lockers, but they can also occur in secluded areas, away from the traffic of the main hallways. PDA can even occur in classrooms. Kissing is less common and can be seen mainly in those dark, secluded areas. However it presents itself, PDA turns heads as well as stomachs. Though PDA tends to nauseate the student body, some students see it as an uplifting gesture that brightens the halls of Ames High. "I get really happy when I see young love birds smooching in the hallway," senior Jeremy Pour-El said. "Love is definitely an important part of school. I mean, who can go for a whole school day without having to express their profound, meaningful love to their significant other in front of the whole school? Only cold, heartless robots, that’s who." Although some support it, PDA is faced with criticism by many students. “When I see people k’nudling in the halls, I usually run to the bathroom and throw up,” sophomore Aaron Ackerman said. “Then sometimes I eat that throw-up and throw it up again.” Despite the harsh criticism, PDA continues to linger around the school. “I don’t like how [those displaying PDA] do it in front of everybody,” Ackerman said. “It’s not like they really need to do that in the middle of the day, do they? They should at least keep it in their pants until the school day is over.”