Incredibad = crazy delicious

Lonely Island has come out of the realm of late night skits and has exploded into the mainstream with the release of their first album Incredibad. Andy Samberg, Jorma Toccone, and Akiva Schaffer have released one of the most controversial and hilarious CD’s of this year thus far. As a forewarning to parents considering buying this for their young one, this album is very explicit! They released a number of singles before the album came out. Though “Lazy Sunday” is fairly tame, the other three can make even the most hardcore of rappers stand in awe. “Lazy Sunday” expresses the pure joy that the Chronicles of Narnia can bring to those of all ages. Though for those clever enough to find the hidden meanings of the song, it begins to bring an entire new meaning to the term “Lazy Sunday” and later duuude cupcakes. “Lazy Sunday” is gangster rap gone white New York and most of the album reflects a similar message. The album is a combination of pure comedic gold with beats that could make the imprisoned Chris Brown cry so hard every inmate in the jail would jump him. Think of it if Jerry Seinfeld teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan. Songs like “The Old Saloon” really take us back to the old west in a new hip way for all us young one’s who weren’t born to enjoy it. “Like a Boss” tells us what office life is truly like, and I must say it sounds pretty sick. “We Like Sportz” reminds me of our sports editor here at the web. One of the standout songs is “Just 2 Guys”. This will take two best friends back to the good old dayz. Remember that band full of white guys who called themselves The Young Black Teenagers? Well the concept is back and better than ever. “‘I’m on a Boat’ is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This album completes me.” junior Jon Kaiser said. A lot of people probably think the same way as Jon. This album has been loved by critics around the board. Indeed “I’m On a Boat” is the stand out song. No one knew that a song about the joys of casual boating could touch the souls of so many forgotten youth. I think the album deserves a rating that’s up there on the scale. Samberg has the finest of innovation. The album is from the next generation in music not “Star Trek”. I highly recommend you check this stuff out. It’s the bomb.