Ames athletes hope to continue state success

Birds chirp, flowers bloom, and out-of-shape kids throw up in trash cans. Spring has finally sprung, and in some cases, so have some athletes’ breakfasts. Conditioning for the spring sports is some of the worst throughout the school year. Ames High athletes tend to become soft and lazy over the winter months, hibernating like bears and choosing to keep clicking the Stumbleupon button instead of working out and being mindful of the season to come. “I did wrestling, so I was in great shape for track,” senior Quentin Ring said. “I’m faster than everybody who just sat and ate chips all winter.” The wrestling team had its first successful season in over a decade and the football team shocked the state with its state playoff berth, but such is the year in sports for Ames High. Even before the basketball tournaments were decided, Ames High athletics have had a great year. Some teams have garnered state runner-ups, and in the case of the Ames High All Male Drill-Team, even a state championship. All of these early year successes have left students with some lofty expectations. “Ames High soccer is going to be dominant and the track teams will follow the great Ames High tradition of running in circles,” sophomore Liz Kaloupek said. “The teams even get to play on the ISU soccer fields because of the turf project at Ames High. It is a much nicer and bigger stadium and it should also be a great change of pace from the Ames High field.” Hopefully the changes in scenery won’t affect the razzle and dazzle that is Ames High Soccer. Both teams have a strong core of returning players from last year including two brick walls in goal, Angela Linahon and Mike Schmidt. Running in circles is one of the many… the few things that the Ames High track teams do. Discuss thrower Dom Howard is expected to break records and Sam Tim is really really fast. But super speed isn’t what makes these teams great and this spring sport fun. It is the camaraderie that is developed during hours of boring, monotonous practices. “Sure the running stinks, but we pull pranks on each other all the time,” Ring said. “The best part is messing with Cale [Brakke]. Pulling pranks and stuff like that is how we keep our mind off of how much we hate running.” All of the prank pulling and shenanigans helps to build chemistry, much like in a family. The spring sports season not only marks the bringing of the most beautiful game, football or soccer, to the high school fields and the gorgeous blur that is the Ames High track teams to the John Sletten track. The spring sports season means that the end of school and summer is just around the corner. State Tennis takes place a week after commencement. School is almost over. Way cool beans.