Through his thick, wide rimmed glasses and with a brown lunch bag in his hair, the legendary Peter Dixon roams the humble halls of Ames High. Dixon, a junior, is certainly a wild card in the Ames High community. One of his defining features is his hair. "My hair is just plain awesome. I stopped getting haircuts for about a year and it started curling for some reason," Dixon said. He then proceeded to do a magic trick, disappearing a pencil into his luscious locks. He subsequently produced two different pencils from said locks. "One bad thing about my hair is that my glasses frequently get caught in it," Dixon said. Along with experimenting with his hair, Dixon also has other hobbies, including programming, music, playing Starcraft, exploring the woods, and cooking. He enjoys cooking pasta, deserts, eggs, and the occasional stir-fry. He also enjoys writing music and playing the french horn. However, Dixon has more qualities and interests that add to his eccentricity. "I do stupid things when I get bored, like burn things with a magnifying glass," Dixon said. "I also use British swear words a lot, like ‘bugger’ and ‘bollocks.’" In addition to his quirky interests, Dixon also has an intriguing academic record. Dixon scores well on tests, and he knows the curriculum, but his grades do not reflect it. The problem lies in his homework. "My attitude towards homework is this: do it when there is nothing else to do," Dixon said. Dixon usually does not study a lot for tests, either. Instead, he usually forgets about them and is reminded of them the day of. He fits in some studying time between or during classes, which is apparently enough to earn him high marks. The talented Dixon also managed to score a 237 on the PSAT he took last fall, just one question shy of a perfect score. During class, Dixon often draws doodles to keep himself entertained, and he often looses the game. Unlike many students at Ames High, Dixon is not planning on pursuing a rich, fulfilling future. Instead, his humble goals are to "pretty much get into college. After that, I will just need to be able to feed myself and keep myself entertained." Because of his limited participation in extracurricular activities and reserved nature, Dixon is often overlooked as one of Ames High’s brightest, most eccentric characters. "I don’t really care about how others view me, or how famous I am around the school," Dixon said. "As long as I get along with people, then that’s fine."