Black Market Pizza: Crimanally good

The black market is notorious for having stolen merchandise, tax-free sales and good old-fashioned deals. Ames isn’t an obvious place for a black market, but there exists a black market to top all others here on 2610 Northridge Parkway. They don’t sell drugs, weapons or other cool things like most other markets, they sell delicious pizza. Black Market Pizza is a baby business in this struggling economy. Opening a brand new food establishment is extremely risky. People aren’t spending as much as they used to. They aren’t eating out as much. This is why it is essential for an infant business like Black Market Pizza to offer fair prices, good service and a fantastic food. Black Market Pizza goes above and beyond these standards. My first experience at Black Market Pizza, however, wasn’t what I had dreamed it to be. It is always a scary, but exciting experience to try a new restaurant. It was a Friday and I was craving something new. As a Catholic during Lent, my choices were limited. Pizza was the obvious decision (cheese of course). I ordered a 10” original pizza. They told me to pick it up in forty-five minutes. Most places always give an estimate longer than it should take. But I decided to show up right on time. I sat for thirty minutes longer than they told me. It wasn’t a bad environment to sit for half an hour though. I passed the time by looking at mobsters on the wall and playing pinball. I finally got my pizza and left for home. I decided before my first bite that if it wasn’t amazing then I would never return. The crust was different than any other I have seen. A cracker crust style of pizza was not only surprising, but also delicious. Everyone knows how boring cheese pizza can be, which is why my next choice was sausage (on a Wednesday of course). I decided to test their ability to deliver a pizza. It took them a half of an hour to bring me my food. Impressive. I haven’t found a better sausage pizza around. The crunch of the crust compliments the soft, spicy sausage like butter compliments bread. I was hooked. I returned during their lunch hours to experience the one-of-a-kind cracker crust. I decided to try the bacon cheeseburger pizza. Ground beef, bacon, tomatoes, onions, and a touch of mustard create this masterpiece. I had never experienced the delight of a bacon cheeseburger pizza and now I have finally fallen in love. As my friend and I were finishing the pizza, an employee approached us and asked if everything came out right. This was the cherry on top. The friendly employees were inviting and interested in my experience. This is a rare feat pizza joints possess. Black market’s motto-“This ain’t no ordinary Pizza”- is one hundred percent true. The variety of pizza to choose from is almost overwhelming. Of course you have the basic toppings: pepperoni, sausage, peppers, ham and mushrooms, however they also offer many specials that can’t be found many other places. One of a kind specials include: Chicken KA-BLAM (chicken breast and bacon on top of ranch sauce with tomatoes and mozzarella), Barbecued Iowa Chop (BBQ sauce and Iowa chop with mozzarella cheese), and Maui Waui (Hot chili sauce, sausage, jalapeños, habaneros and pineapple). These truly unique pizzas are not only available for pick-up and delivery; they can be picked up during lunchtime by the slice. For only five dollars, customers can get two slices of thin crust, a piece of Chicago style, a calzone, or a sausage sandwich, with a pop (much better value than a five dollar foot long if I do say so myself). The proximity of this restaurant is perfect for high school students. It is less than 6 blocks from the school and is extremely fast. The pizza is fantastic but the quality that will bring me back is the good service, and caring owners.