Student Q&A

With spring having just arrived and the school year nearing completion, the students at Ames High are turning over a new leaf. Now let us find out what is going on in a few of their minds. Miles Greenwald- Senior Miles Greenwald is looking forward to a good Tennis Season and the warm weather. When the weather heats up his favorite thing to do outside is to play tennis. Or sometimes he enjoys sitting inside and reading a good book. During spring break he went snowboarding in Colorado. “It has been fun meeting new people at school and interesting watching the Ames High basketball team dominates the competition,” Greenwald said. Wendor Flomo- Junior Wendor Flomo is just etching for the weather to get warmer and being able to go outside and embrace spring. To her spring signals the beginning of the end for school So far the school year has been easy for her and she is ready for it all to be over. After being in school and having worked indoors for her entire spring break she is ready to just break free and enjoy the sunshine. “I enjoy going outside and having a picnic,” Flomo said, “and I especially enjoy eating watermelon on a sunny warm day.” But when it’s raining outside she enjoys drawing and painting pictures indoors. Drew Minick and Jewel Khan- Sophomore Drew Minick and his friend Jewel Khan are looking forward to the fresh green grass and the flowers to blossom. “We just love the way the sun sparkles off the butterfly wings in the spring,” Minick and Khan said in unison. Their favorite things to do outside are getting wet in the rain together. And they enjoy playing poker inside. During spring break Minick moved to Ames, while Khan had spent his time partying. So far the school year has been going swiftly for these two individuals. Felix Yang- Freshman Felix Yang is also looking forward to tennis season and getting dominated by the occasional white person. This being his first year at this school, he is not really sure what to expect academically. His favorite thing to do inside is to get ready by studying AP Biology and by doing homework. “My favorite thing about spring so far is the surprising snow storm and all the wetness and muddiness,” Yang said. He too like many others is waiting for the weather to get warmer so he can go out with his friends and, “hunt gophers with clubs and sticks.” With the coming of spring Felix plans to train himself and be able to bench press and squat 1000 pounds by the end of the year.