You arrive at school, smiling and feeling great. You start talking to your friends and when the bell rings you go to your first class of the day. In the middle of the class, you get an uneasy feeling in your bowels. Then you remember the Tasty Tacos you ate for breakfast. You knew you shouldn’t have eaten that taco for breakfast, but you did anyway, and now you have a bad case of the taco you-know-whats. But fear not, for there is a solution, desperate as it may be: school bathrooms. There are several bathrooms to choose from. Of course, you could simply go to the smelly bathroom nearest to your classroom, but why settle for such an atrocious bathroom? Treat yourself and head on over to the bathroom that most tickles your fancy. Unfortunately, I was not able to venture into the girls bathrooms, as I am a boy. However, it would probably be safe to assume that they are similar to their respective boys bathrooms. If you like to do your business in peace, the bathroom by the auditorium is the one for you. This bathroom experiences little traffic due to its isolation from the main section of the school. Despite its nickname, the "sticky bathroom," this place is actually relatively clean. It does have a very Ames-High-bathroom smell, though. There are three divided urinals in this bathroom, as well as a stall. There is a vent above the toilet, so most of the nasty smells don’t linger in the bathroom. It is a fairly small room. I give this bathroom an 7/10. If you prefer a larger bathroom, you may want to consider any of the bathrooms in the main/social studies hallway, front hallway, or English hallway. These three bathrooms are essentially the same. Those in the special education and services hallway and the main hallway both have three divided urinals, two stalls, and windows for ventilation. The one in the English hallway is the same minus urinal dividers. These bathrooms are some of the largest in the school, and they tend to get more traffic than the one by the auditorium. I give the front-hallway bathroom 9/10 because of the lack of traffic, and the other two an 8/10. If you are in a pinch, you may have to settle for any of the bathrooms in the math or science hallways. The bathrooms in the math and middle science hallways have the same layout; they both have three divided urinals and two stalls. Upon entering the one in the middle science hallway, I was hit with a repulsive odor that limited my stay in that bathroom to less than a minute. There are no windows to ventilate any of these bathrooms, so they tend to smell worse than the other, ventilated ones. Due to my scarring experience in these bathrooms, I give them all a 1/10. Seriously, don’t go to these bathrooms. The choice is yours; do you like to do your business in a nice, fresh bathroom? Or do you have a fetish for nasty smells? Do you like your privacy, or are you arrogant? Either way, feel free to take your pick at the many diverse bathrooms Ames High has to offer.