Crank: High Voltage shocks and awes

Falling hundreds of feet from a helicopter above the clouds, landing face first on a car and laying flat in the middle of a busy intersection. If this had happened to anyone else, they would easily be dead. But fans of Jason Statham know, he never dies. “He was dead…But he got better” is even on the movie poster. Starting right where it left off in the previous film, Crank: High Voltage uses the same fast action intensity and takes it another level higher. Chev Chelios is shoveled off the street by a bunch of Chinese mobsters and taken to an operating table. In the first Crank, Chelios is injected with a deadly Chinese drug meant to kill him, and in order to survive must keep his adrenaline at a high level. An easy task for Chelios, who is a professional killer and survives the entire day. This time, however, they are after his heart, realizing how indestructible it is. Chinese doctors remove his heart and replace it with an artificial one which was designed to keep him alive just long enough so they can harvest his other thought to be “supernatural” organs. Chev wakes up during surgery and realizes what they were doing to him. He kills all but one of them, Johnny Vang, a Chinese mobster, who runs off with Chev’s original heart in a cooler. Chelios goes on a rampage through Los Angeles, killing Mexican gangsters and the Chinese Triads in order to get his heart back from Vang. Keeping him alive is a mechanical heart and a battery supply connected to his chest. The heart runs on jolts of electricity in order to work and keep him alive. Whether it be a taser, jumper cables, a shock collar, grabbing onto high voltage power lines, or even rubbing up on old ladies creating a static charge, Chelios does it all to keep his heart going. Fans of the first film will enjoy this one much more. Crank: High Voltage delivers much more violence and gore than Crank before it, making it well deserving of its R-rating. The character of Chev Chelios was made for Jason Statham, and he doesn’t disappoint in this film. Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor throw in a few random yet amazing scenes, including a fight scene in a high voltage area with rubber suit and giant headed actors in a miniature set. To some this randomness may seem unnecessary, but for the most part High Voltage is an action packed thriller. The random scenes add humor that mix very well with the violence and to the overall tone of the film. If you haven’t seen the first Crank before you see High Voltage, don’t bother. They are basically the same movie except more people die, there’s a bit more crude humor, and it’s a little over the top at times. Don’t go in to it expecting the greatest movie of all time, but if you are a fan of violent action movies you will enjoy this one, jumper cables and all.