Free-spirited freshman finds best friends in all places

The girl pounces through the halls, calling everyone she sees her “best friend.” She jumps and laughs as if she doesn’t have a care in the world. She enters a classroom and tells the teacher, who she has never met before, that she’s her new best friend. She then suddenly turns around and exits the room, as if nothing unusual just happened. Her backpack follows behind, marked with her legendary name, “Sophia.” Freshman Sophia Smarandescu was born in Romania. “My mom was born in Transylvania, near Dracula,” Smarandescu said. She soon moved to Canada and stayed there until she was nine years old. “I’m Canadian,” She said. “I have a dual citizenship.” After leaving Canada, Smarandescu moved to South Carolina where she “picked up [her] Southern hospitality.” She finally arrived in Ames last year after her mother received a job at Iowa State University. Smarandescu’s first thought that Iowa “was really green and that there would be a lot of farmers.” However, she soon realized that Iowa is a lot more than what meets the eye. “I really enjoy the fact that I can ride my bike on the streets, but I don’t like when I get hit,” Smarandescu said. In fact, she did get hit by a car this summer on her bike and was thrown into the middle of an intersection. “It was quite dramatic,” Sophia admitted. However, Sophia was not seriously injured and still continues to ride her bike. Aside from bicycling, Smarandescu also plays tennis. “I’ve played tennis since I was 2 and Tiger Woods has been playing golf since he was 3,” she said. “So, I beat him.” When it comes to school, Smarandescu tends to get into a lot of trouble in the classroom. “I have gotten five referrals this year,” she stated. “Teachers think I’m a nuisance, but I think I’m hilarious.” She does, however, enjoy school and admits that her history class is really fun. “I love Mr. Sullivan.” Smarandescu said. “We have a special bond. We’re best friends.” Although Smarandescu hasn’t been at Ames High for long, she has already made an impact on her fellow students. “Sophia’s personality is like a jungle,” senior Ellie Weiss said. “She’s so majestically spontaneous.” “She talks to me all of the time, but I don’t know who she is,” junior Frances Hindt said. Sophia Smarandescu is an unique individual who seemingly brings a smile to everyone she meets. If school work ever brings you down and you need a pick-me-up, look for a backpack with the name “Sophia” on it. The owner of the backpack will forever change your life.