Praise for equality

The WEB recognizes and praises the Supreme Court of Iowa for standing up for equality. The decision announced on April 3 will not just be seen as another gay rights legal battle. The decision will set a precedent. Iowa, in the nation’s heartland, is standing up for equal protection. More states will see this, and hopefully follow in our footsteps. Though gay marriage is allowed in three other states, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and very recently, Vermont, these states are often thought of as overtly liberal. Iowa, on the other hand, is thought of as kind and fair. We supported Bush in ’04 and Obama in ’08. We are not a bastion of liberalism. We are a fair and accepting state, and Iowans’ tolerance of gay marriage will further prove this. Critics often cite arguments against equality as “protecting marriage.” Allowing more loving couples to enjoy the benefits of marriage will not attack any current marriage. Groups such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have provided perfect examples of how empty the argument for inequality is. NOM has aired a now famous advertisement entitled “Gathering Storm.” The television ad features people of all ages and races speaking of their fear of same-sex marriage. One woman goes as far as to say that her freedom “will be taken away.” We must ask groups like NOM, what is the purpose? No details are given, and no examples of how traditional marriage will be affected are given. We must not let our lives be run by fear of change. Love is not a non-renewable resource. We are all free to love, regardless of who loves who. Perhaps the most disturbing arguments for inequality are arguments based off of religion. Every person in every religion can view marriage in an individual way, but what cannot be denied is that there are legal benefits to marriage. As there are legal benefits to marriage through the government, the government should not make any decisions on marriage with any reverence for religion. We must not forget the first and perhaps most famous words of our Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” While some lawmakers and activists may blast this decision as one made by partisan and activist judges, The WEB would like to remind our readers of the historic nature of the courts. Civil liberties were first won through the courts. The courts make sure that all citizens are given equal protection under law. The WEB hopes that more states will see how easy it is to believe in equality. Traditional marriages will not be torn apart, and families will not be torn apart anymore than they are already being torn apart by 50% divorce rates. People will not suddenly want to marry animals, and polygamy and polyandry will not become staples of society. The main change that people will see from this ruling is that more of those who love each other will be able to have their love recognized, as the love that is in marriage should be recognized and honored.