The Curious Savage

Once again this spring, Ames High school will get to enjoy the hard work of Mr. Woolery and a collection of fine students in the form of this year’s spring play. For those who saw Pride and Prejudice and Babes in Arms , you are in for something completely new. This year the play is The Curious Savage . "I choose this show because it’s an intellectual comedy with many unique characters that have a lot of depth to them," Mr. Woolery said. "I did this show many years ago as well so I am familiar with it." Woolery’s description of the show is quite accurate. The play centers in a mental institution where the main character, Ethel Savage, played by senior Nora Lippolis, has been sent by her son, played by junior Thomas Eslinger. While Ethel spends her time there, she meets and becomes fast friends with the other inmates who have a selection of mental disturbances. It’s amazing to see how such different characters with drastically different qualities can become a sort of makeshift family. "It’s really an interesting show," junior Thomas Eslinger said. "It doesn’t have a flashy set or costumes. It completely focuses on the characters and how they interact." "This is my first play here at Ames High, but it has been a great experience thus far," senior Ben Mackey said. "Most everyone else has been involved in drama before in some capacity." There is quite a bit of intense dialogue in the show while managing to have a fast pace. For those in the audience, it will make you think about who really is sane in the show and who is not. Mr. Woolery has only been here this year so far. His new directing style has given the theater kids here a pleasant surprise. "I would say my style is respectful," Woolery said. "I know what I want but I’m willing to give the actors a lot of freedom. This is their show. I have really enjoyed getting to know the kids in the department and their desire for a good program. So far I am one-hundred percent pleased and impressed with the cast. Learning lines has been surprisingly easy." Woolery is new to Ames High, but he is learning his way around quickly. Though he does say learning the traditions of the Ames High theater department has been his toughest challenge so far. "The drama here is different thean Pella, my last school," Woolery said. "For many kids here, this is their main thing. It is their absolute focus which makes it easier to schedule consistent rehearsals. I’m trying to learn how it works while remaining within the standards they have. Not creating waves in the community has also been a challenge, so I’ve been choosing fairly tame plays." If you are looking for a fun time, it is highly recommended that you check out this great show. You’ll laugh and be entertained, and heck, some of you might even cry. This could be the comedy event of the year.