The race is on: introducing the 2009-2010 co-president candidates

Last year, Ben Mackey and Matt Lee won a landslide victory in their bid for Student Council co-presidents. A large factor in their success was their well-run campaign: who can forget the imminent “zombie invasion” and Mackey’s hand-drawn posters? On April 29, the student body will decide who will succeed Mackey and Lee as co-presidents. What exactly do they do? “We meet with Mr. McGrory each week,” Lee said. “We present students’ problems, and he takes us seriously and listens.” Mackey and Lee have also been behind the major Student Council-sponsored activities of the year, including Winter Madness, Bike Day and the Club Fair. Some advice to the candidates: “It’s important to not be too serious and connect to the students,” Lee said. He advised the next co-presidents to “keep things running smoothly, especially in these hard fiscal times.” Some advice to the students: Vote. Cory Baughman & Seth Forsgren : Years in Student Council: Baughman, 3; Forsgren, 3 What they’ll do: The two plan to add more color to the hallways, as well as find a way to keep the doors connecting the music hallway and courtyard open. “We want to make each day better for students,” Forsgren said. Furthermore, in order to give students a stronger voice, Baughman and Forsgren want to increase representation in student council and gather more student opinions. “If students want to know more about us, they can ask us questions,” he said. Why they’re fit for the job: “We’re both quite involved in activities at the high school, so we have connections to lots of different kids,” Forsgren said. “And Cory just about volunteers for everything.” Forsgren also said that they have the necessary leadership skills for the job, having led groups in athletics. “The presidents are a segue between students, the teachers, and the departments, so we’ll be doing our best to give students a voice.” Kuper Bergman & Thomas Eslinger : “Don’t be a pooper; vote for Thomas and Kuper” Years in Student Council: Bergman, 2; Eslinger, 2 What they’ll do: “We’re working for budget cuts that will benefit the students more in the coming years,” Eslinger said. “We want less cuts that will interfere with students’ learning…The first thing we’re going to do is talk to the administration and start to work now with the budget issues. We need to act quickly.” Moreover, Bergman and Eslinger intend to get students more involved in the decision-making process. Why they’re fit for the job: Bergman and Eslinger cite their leadership ability and friendliness as key qualifications for being co-presidents. Both have been involved with Thespians and have had main roles in plays. “Students identify with us and trust in our ability to make their voices heard,” Eslinger said. “The other candidates might not be as inclusive of the student body as we are.” Akshay Sanghi & Chris Xin : “Let’s go to Baps” Years in Student Council: Sanghi, 1; Xin, 2 What they’ll do: Sanghi and Xin plan to introduce more art and decor around the school, add to the music program, and possibily even introduce guitar lessons. Additionally, they intend to start a B-Bops fundraiser and expand the Club Fair begun this year by Mackey and Lee. Lastly, they want to give students more input on the budget situation. “It feels like students have been silenced,” Sanghi said. “We want to involve them in our platform. We don’t want to be in charge of the students. We want to represent them. They have more pressing ideas than we do.” Why they’re fit for the job: Sanghi was recently elected one of next year’s leaders of SHEPH and said he’s able to listen and connect to students’ needs. “A leader is someone who takes the initiative. We’re just going to take problems by their horns,” he said.