Affirmative Action is a Fair Practice

With the election of an African-American president, many people believe that racial problems in America have been solved. In fact, some people are going as far as saying that Caucasians are now the race that are being discriminated against. They claim that there is a double standard for acceptable behavior between African-Americans and Caucasians. Their arguments are fueled by programs like affirmative action, a system of programs that take race and gender into consideration in order to promote equality. The double standard argument comes from the socially acceptable programs, like the United Negro College Fund and affirmative action, events, like Black History Month, or organizations, like the NAACP and BET. College funds aimed at white people, White History Months, or organizations for the advancement of white people, are all concepts that would be viewed as racist in our culture. The biggest claim for reverse discrimination is affirmative action which could allow an African-American to get hired over a white person just based on skin color rather than credentials. The entire argument is flawed from the very beginning. There is no reverse discrimination. It doesn’t exist. Why would would white people need an organization to advance white people? They are in the majority, most of the society is based on what white people believe in. There is no White History Month because for the most part white people make up American History. Why would there be a White Entertainment Channel? If you watch any other channel, except a select few, that is what you are going to get because of the Caucasian majority in the US makes it so that television companies are going to gear programs to the largest group of t.v. watchers. Affirmative action is not some terrible program that gives African-Americans an unfair advantage in the workplace, but rather levels the playing field. Even with affirmative action and other programs, an African-American makes 70% to 80% of what an equally-qualified white person makes. Also the argument against always shows the example of the white guy losing a job opportunity to an under-qualified African-American like there is never the case of it going the other way around because of racial prejudices. Are we to believe that all minorities are under-qualified for their jobs? America has made great strides in racial equality throughout the years, no one can deny that. Let’s not go backwards. Let’s move forward and accept other peoples differences. Acknowledge that there is still racism and try to promote equality, because in the end we are all one people.