As the weather warms we wonder why. Why each year gets hotter than the next. And the answer lies within the “human effect”. How humans cannot coexist with other organisms. How humans cannot coexist with the living world. We are like a parasite, which consumes, harms, and if left unchecked, will leave nothing left. As earth day just passed last week many of us said we have to “save the world”, but is it really we who will save the world? Or is it the world which will save us? If we were to keep causing this global warming which would raise sea levels meters higher, we would be the ones affected by the hurricanes, the droughts, and the floods. The world has seen these cataclysms before and is still here. It doesn’t need our help to endure it. But we need the world to help us. Like a parasite, we cannot live without a host to feed off, to take for granted. But the world without a parasite will live, better than before, unhindered by us. We need to change our relationship with our world from a parasitic one to a mutual symbiosis. We as humans have become more isolated and more self-centered than before. We need to realize the existence of something outside of us, the effects we have on our environment, and detriments we cause on our world. We need to live beyond personal gains, beyond our selfishness. And we need to learn to coexist with it, to take and give back, and to realize its importance in our lives. The world doesn’t need to be saved. It is we who need to be saved. The world will continue to live on but, we will not. So when we say “save the world” we should really be saying “save ourselves”.