Fellowship of the Bands

Every year at Ames High, there are several student-run fundraisers that get students excited and involved, including events run by SHEPH, Student Council, and Key Club. One of the most exciting of these is 100th Green Butterfly’s Green Week and Battle of the Bands, or as it is now called, the Fellowship of the Bands. This year, the concert will be held on May 9 at 7 pm. The money earned during Green Week and at the show will be donated to the Nature Conservancy for the second year, with hopes that the funds will go to restoring the Ames High prairie. Unlike last year, when the show was at Bandshell Park, it will be indoors at the high school. While this is a somewhat unwelcome change, most members of 100th Green Butterfly feel it is the best option. "I’m pretty bummed that it won’t be outdoors this year, especially since it’s a fundraiser for the environment, but having it at AHS allows us to have more control over the situation," sophomore Whitney Manhart said. "There will be better sound quality than last year, and it’s going to be nice to not stress about the weather." In addition to a new in location, the name of the event has also been changed. "We decided to change the name from ‘battle’ to ‘fellowship’ due to some aggressive behavior at last year’s show," senior Laurel Tuggle said. "We want it to be seen as more of a benefit show for the environment than a serious competition." As usual, there will be fun activities the whole week leading up to the concert. This year during Green Week, students can expect showings of "Planet Earth", bake sales, and the popular bike to school day. As far as bands go, this year’s concert will showcase many new bands. "Most of the bands that played last year have graduated, so there are a lot of new people to see at this year’s show," Manhart said. Some of the acts that will be playing include Martha’s Boys, 5!5, and the return of the always-popular Acoustic Side Project. "I’m really excited to see Louis Dupuis at the show," sophomore Kate Dobson said. "They are fun to listen to and make you want to dance." While this year looks to be very different from last year, members of 100th Green Butterfly promise that the Fellowship of the Bands will be just as fun. "This year has a great lineup, and we hope the show will be very successful," Tuggle said. Admission to the show will cost $3, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this exciting benefit for the environment.