NBA Jam is the best thing to come out of the 20th Century

"He’s heating up," "from downtown," and "Bomshakalaka." Only a few of the memorable phrases from the NBA Jam commentator. NBA Jam was released in 1993 for the arcade, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and several other systems. The first real playable basketball arcade game ever, NBA Jam is the Patrick Ewing’s flattop of basketball games. Although arcades are now a thing of the past, one day they mattered. And during that day, NBA Jam was able to earn a billion dollars in quarters. What made the game great was the 2 on 2 game play that enabled a faster paced video game. Also there were no fouls except for goal tending, so you can punch and knock over people without the hassle of referees. And then there was the games most famous feature, the slam dunk. In NBA Jam, players have the ability to jump half a court and three times their own height, creating some of the most extreme dunks ever seen anywhere. Playing NBA Jam can make even the laziest of couch potatoes, the ones that make regular couch potatoes look like Richard Simmons, feel as if they could actually play basketball. It truly is the one sports game that all gamers can appreciate.