Places to Nap

Places to nap After a long day of school we all look for a place to take a nap. Whether it is behind a bookshelf, on a desk, or in the shade of a tree, we all need to fulfill our basic needs, to continue our circadian rhythms and sleep. And so my adventure began to find the best places to recline and unwind. Just to get a broad overview of the many places to nap, here are four of the best places I encountered: Courtyard- With the coming of warmer weather more and more people are moving outside and letting the heat be their blankets. The courtyard is the perfect place to get this warm enveloping rest. With trees, nature, and a gentle breeze, this open space is where many people find a place to nap. Many come here to listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, and wind rustling through the grass. “I enjoy the peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing inclines,” sophomore Lucas Peterson said. “I especially enjoy sitting under the tree and watching the dappled effect the sun has on the leaves. “ Desk- When walking into the media center immediately I noticed two napping students sleeping on their text books and I wondered whether either they were too tired or if books were the perfect place to sleep. Unfortunately, it was rather discomforting. However, as uncomfortable it may be, many find the desk as a place they close their eyes and make up lost sleep time. On the ground- Walking around looking for places to nap, I found a nice place right under my feet. The nice mildly rough carpet was an acceptably good place to sleep. With a tender ambiance next to a window, the ground provided an optimal napping environment. “The quietness and seclusion present just makes me feel so comfortable. I just can’t help but fall asleep,” junior Burak Demerci said. Nurses Office- On my quest to find more places to nap, I came across the first place where I wasn’t allowed to sleep. “It is not a place to take a nap,” Monica Behning said. Apparently the only way to be able to go in was if you had a pre-existing medical condition. And if you are fortunate enough to become deathly sick, look on the bright side, you will be able to use the facilities present at the nurse’s office.