AHS athletes who entertained high schoolers move onto bigger stages

Every year, Ames High sports teams see their seniors depart. For most of these seniors, high school is the last time they will competitively play sports. Some athletes do continue to compete and play on teams at the college level. This success reflects the quality of the athletic programs at Ames High year-in and year-out. Baseball: Andy Weiss With his final season ahead of him this summer, Weiss will help lead the Little Cyclone baseball team to victory. He will not be traveling far as next season he will be playing for the DMACC Bears at the Boone campus. “I am going to miss playing with my friends, and also all the great support from the fans,” Weiss said. Last season the Little Cyclones made it to the substate championship game, but lost to the undefeated Johnston Dragons. “We have been so close to reaching the state tournament the past couple years, and last year especially was a great experience for our returning guys this season.” Soccer: Jordan VanderZwaag With substate just a few days away, the senior boys soccer players never know which game could be their last at Ames High. Jordan VanderZwaag, a starting senior has had a lot of great memories as a Little Cyclone. “Beating Valley this year was something I will never forget,” VanderZwaag said. “They have won the conference championship 17 years straight, so that win was big for us.” He is going to miss all the fans and the teammates he has played with for so long. Next year he will be attending and playing at Simpson College in Indianola. “It’s nice to not be going very far because now all my family and friends will still be able to come see me play.” Football: Sam Tim This year, Sam Tim led the Ames High football team to one of the best seasons it has seen in a long time. His hard work and achievements while in high school have surely paid off, as next year Tim will be headed to Cedar Falls to play for the UNI Panthers. “I am very fortunate to have been blessed with this opportunity to play at UNI,” Tim said. “We have such a great football program built here at this school and I am very proud to say that I played for Ames High.” Tim will be headed to Cedar Falls after graduation to begin summer workouts. Volleyball: Taylor Sloter Ames High Volleyball had a very successful season this year. Much of the leadership and success came from senior Taylor Sloter. Next fall Sloter will be attending Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. “I am really looking forward to playing there because the competition is going to be a lot tougher,” Sloter said. “At the same time though I will miss all the great coaches and players that I have played with over the past four years here at Ames High. They have made high school a much more memorable experience.” Many senior athletes were not mentioned above who are also going on to compete at the college level. This has been an amazing year for Ames High athletics. Many memories were born that will never be forgotten by players, coaches, and fans.