There is no way around it, cats are just adorable. I mean how can you argue with those cute little balls of fluff? Cats are simply way better than dogs will ever be. There are a number of reasons why cats happen to be superior than dogs. Let’s start out with a couple of simple cat facts for those who are not familiar with these fair felines. The domestic house cat (Felis catus) is a simple creature that enjoys what we all love in life. Eating, sleeping, and general merriment. When not on the prowl stalking and hunting its natural prey such as squirrels, sparrows, mice, furniture, and catnip, cats can usually be seen befriending their fellow felines, or enjoying a lovely catnap. Cats are always there to impress their owner. Whether they are presenting their prized kill or showing off by chilling in a tree, when combined with people, cats are a formula for happiness. Compare this to canines. When a dog gets dirty, they stay dirty until you have to wash them yourself. Dogs are not easy nor fun to wash either. Cats have the brains to straight up clean themselves. How convenient! Dogs are also just really not intelligent. They are one of the most easily amused animals around! Who gets fun out of chasing cars or balls, honestly? Or chewing on bones? Cats have the decency to enjoy the fine things in life. Like balls of yarn or destroying furniture! So you may say that cats can’t save lives, but you are dead wrong! It’s not that they can’t, they just know that it will be a huge waste of their time. Puppies are sexist; they are MAN ‘s best friend. They have no place for females in their sad lives. So girls, make the right choice. Choose kittens because they believe in women’s rights. If you’re going to get a dog, you might as well get a stuffed animal. They are about of the same intelligence anyway. Not to mention that dogs will pee all over your leg! So it appears that cats truly are the right choice. Make the right choice.