A Snack in the face!

Nuzzled deep in campus town lies a new eatery for all to enjoy. It’s not really a restaurant. You can’t really expect to go there for an entire meal. No, this is merely a snack stop, though it might be the best thing to open in this town in many years. This is A Snack In The Face. Yes that’s right you heard the name correctly. That might be the most creative name ever heard of for a place to eat. It hints at what they serve there: snacks with a kick. Once you walk up to the door, you soon read in their door what they are all about: caffeine infused baked goods. What?! Who thinks of selling that? These guys do, and they have done a darn good job doing it too. It’s really impressive that A Snack in the Face knows how to work their gimmick so well. They don’t stray off and try and dabble into other things they could possibly do. The other way they could be clearer about what they are trying to do is to change their name to "Hey we put drugs that keep you awake in our food so that you will go ‘Oh dude! That’s awesome!’" Firstly, the snacks are just plain delicious. The brownies taste extremely chocolaty and good. The muffins are straight up solid muffin tasting, and all the rest of the baked goods add depth to the flavor. Sometimes they even give out free ice cream with their snacks to put on your baked goods. It is a real treat to have your brownie covered in ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. It’s a sugar overload. But what they are really all about is the fact that they put caffeine into all of their food. The options in the amount of caffeine you can put in the snacks are 50 milligrams, 100 milligrams and 200 milligrams. To give you a basis of how much caffeine that really is, a Red Bull has 80 milligrams of caffeine per 8 ounce bottle. These will keep you awake. It’s quite the concept to put caffeine in a product that is usually designed to fill you up and comfort you. Perhaps this will open the door for other places to open where they bring a new twist onto food. Hopefully more proud owners will be willing to open brave new corner shops that won’t sell you an entire meal but will be happy to give you a little treat.