A WEB of changes

If you are reading this, maybe you have eagerly made your way through every single article on every page preceding this one. Or maybe you just flipped straight to photo opinion to see if anyone you know happened to blurt a less-than-witty answer, and this article happened to catch your eye. Or perhaps this is your very first time reading the Ames High WEB. Whether you are a devoted follower or a complete newcomer, The WEB would like to welcome our readers to what will hopefully be a year filled with quality journalism that is of students, by students, and for students. The WEB aims to serve the students of Ames High by providing news that is relevant and oriented towards the student body. At the same time, the WEB also looks to strike a balance between entertaining and informing readers. However, in recent years, the WEB has had to face downsizing due to troubled economic times, making it more difficult to adequately feature all the articles and graphics as desired. A need to be more resourceful with space has led to a more compact layout within issues. One example is the new layout of the front page; this year, theWEB is taking the approach of making the front page serve as a portal leading into the paper by having every story on the front page jump to another page. The recent changes have also led to more expansion online. The WEB currently has an online edition at https://ameshighweb.com that features every story within the print issue, and even some content that was not printed. Readers can also connect with The WEB through Facebook by becoming a “fan” of its page. But ultimately, the communication between The WEB and the students of Ames High is not meant to be one-way; The WEB is your paper, and we would like to know what you have to say. Letters to the editor are encouraged and WEB staff members are willing to hear out suggestions and comments you may have. The WEB is not only looking forward to being a voice for the students, but also inspiring students to take another look at the school we attend, and, of course, making readers laugh. So go finish reading those last few articles you haven’t reached yet. Flip back a few pages and read that article about short shorts, or go online and see what’s new.