How Short is too short?

The dress code is an issue some schools seem to push to the forefront. Often, schools are willing to go as far as requiring their students to wear a strictly outlined uniform. Ames High School does not push this as hard as a lot of other schools do. They’re not watching all their students like a hawk, but they are still willing to enforce these so often forgotten rules of the school. Some people choose to spaghetti strap it up, while others choose to wear pants so baggy that everyone can see the full moon all day, everyday. Of course, the administration finds this style of dress fairly distasteful, and who can blame them? The administration has good reasons for having such rules. Scantily clad women are a fairly large distraction in a learning environment, at least for the men anyway. The school has a very clear and defined dress code located in the student handbook. The school defines clothing unsuitable for the learning environment as “items that expose undergarments, excessive skin, or inappropriate areas of the anatomy." Also, "all visible shirts, blouses or tops must cover the chest and both shoulders. No cleavage or backside should be exposed.” Other than that, the only thing the school absolutely will not tolerate is clothing that advertises or promotes illegal activity. However, in some subtle ways, the dress code is violated often. With the weather still being warm, shorts are still a common sight. Shorts, though usually acceptable, can show off too much skin for a school environment. In the school planner, it is recommended that the “fingertip rule” be applied to shorts and skirts. The rule is simple enough: if your shorts don’t go past your fingertips, they are too short. However, it is easy for some shorts to slip under the radar if this rule is not enforced. “I haven’t really noticed people really breaking the fingertip rule that much. I think it’s really only a major issue when you can see someone’s boxers hanging out from under their shorts, then you know something should change.” said senior Elijah Cunnally. It’s debatable whether the administration should turn up the heat on tracking down those who wear short shorts and forcing them to change their down low, breeze loving ways. “I don’t really think it’s a big deal right now. The administration is doing a pretty good job of making sure no one is wearing something outrageous; short shorts aren’t that big of a deal, at least kids are wearing something.” said senior Maggie Brockway. Short shorts seem to not be such a distraction inside the classroom as opposed to someone not wearing a shirt to school. Short shorts are merely a slight distraction for some creepy boys in the courtyard who have nothing better to do than to quack at a lovely female classmate of theirs who decided to show off some leg that day. Or for some guys in the media center, short shorts are used as an opportunity to study some anatomy. Save it for homecoming, boys. Bravo to the administration for not taking this issue over the top but keeping everything under control so that our school does not descend into chaos.