Meet Some Freshmen: Class of 2013 Experiences Ames High

Normal 0 0 1 332 1898 15 3 2330 11.1282 0 0 0 Bo Fan Impressions of Ames High: It’s definitely better than middle school, because the food is betterhere. The school is really big, and the classes are really long. There’s morehomework and the classes are harder than those in middle school. (I’m taking APBio and AP Physics.) How are the teachers? The teachers are fine, I guess. I like Mr. Walter. Involvements: I planto keep on being in Science Olympiad. I’ve been in it for 3 years already, and Iplan to join SHEPH and try out for Quiz Bowl. I might possibly go out fortennis, but I probably won’t make the team. Looking forward to: Walking in the halls with freshman Alex Huang and laughing at him when we walkpast his crush, because it’ll get awkward. She’s too good for him. Aaron Thompson Impressions of Ames High: I like AHS – it’s a lot better than middle school because there ismore freedom, there are no nagging teachers, and there is better food. But theupper classmen (mainly sophomores) mess with me. How are the teachers? Mr. Hill is interesting – he does weird stuff during class. Once, he startedplaying an Angel song and taped posters to his arms. Then he just startedflapping them. Involvements: I’m infootball and will also join swimming and track. I went to the club fair, andI’m thinking about joining Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club. I might start a BlackClub, like the Asian Club. Looking forward to: Football games, sport meets, and I guess Homecoming too. Holly Johnson Impressions of Ames High: I like Ames High. I think it was a good transition, and I don’t wantto go back to middle school. We get to make our own decisions, and there arefewer rules. The people are nice here, and there’s better food. Any Surprises?: Atfirst, I didn’t think that the 5-minute passing periods would be enough time toget to my classes, but after I figured out where everything is, it’s enough. Ilike the music in the halls. How are the teachers?: I like Mr. Utez – he’s a really cool teacher, and I really like how everythingis weighted the same in his class, like the homework and the tests. And it’seasier to understand a class if the teacher is there to help. Involvements: swimming, possibly track, softball. I’m not going to join any clubs. Looking forward to: Big events – dances, football games, sports meets.