Vick: Sick

Normal 0 0 1 362 2064 17 4 2534 11.1282 0 0 0 He’s back. No, kiddos, I’m not talking about Brett Favre(whose "back" status is debatable;) I’m talking about Michael Vick,the person best known as the first quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in aseason (which apparently is not what a running back is for.) Or at least, hewas best known for that before the whole "Bad Newz Kennels" fiasco. Vick’s 2007 suspension by the NFL in conjunction with a dog-fighting scandalwas heavily publicized and incited more outcry in the years that followed than,for instance, the Donte Stallworth case (despite the fact that Stallworth’smistake resulted in the death of a man.) Vick’s behavior since imprisonment andhis cooperation with appropriate rebuilding processes is apparently of no meritto the unforgiving people of America, who, rather than accepting the concept of"correctional facility," continue with anti-vick demonstrations(billboards, degradation of Eagles etc.) America seems to prefer harboringmurderous attitudes toward a man who has served his sentence (not to mention aman who, according to his plea, did not personally kill or bet on dogs) ratherthan intending that the imprisonment of such a man would correct him and thathe would be assimilated back into the world. This is no better than the deathpenalty, but time is better spent speculating and condemning hypocriticallyfrom the judge’s seat than actually following through (there’s apparently a bigdifference.) How about this: separation of football and state. Vick is a premier athlete inthe NFL, and while he is not above justice, neither are the rest of us; hissentence has been served, and it’s time we enjoyed watching a quarterback playrunning back again. It’s time we looked at the Philadelphia Eagles and said,"Remember when Brian Westbrook was the most athletic player on that team?Yeah, me too… I’m glad they got Vick!" Look at another example ofunlawfulness in the sports world: Michael Phelps endangered human lives by driving drunk, this before he was even of legaldrinking age; yet a quick apology and eight more gold medals seemed to erasethat indiscretion. Is it because Vick has never won anything that this is sucha big problem Michael Vick is 6-foot, 215 pounds, a number one overall NFL draft pick, ran a4.25 40 in college, and posted a vertical of 40.5 inches. He’s the type of guyyou look at and say, "Man, I wish that guy was on my team." It’strue, he’s also an ex-con, but let’s just put the "ex" in there andwatch some football.