Indian Delights: a "delightful" dining experience for all

Ever since Cazador moved locations, the building on Dotson Drive has just been sitting around. Recently, owner Deepak Biswas (and no this is not my dad) decided to take advantage of the empty building by turning it into his own Indian Restaurant. "Indian Delights" had their grand opening Saturday, September 19th. Upon first entering the restaurant, the cozy room was very welcoming. There were traditional Indian wall hangings on every wall that enhanced the appearance. The sitar instrumentalist served as calming background music. This music was a change from the regular loud Bollywood music in most Indian restaurants and gave me the impression that this restaurant was classier. I was seated right away and my drink order was taken immediately. I ordered mango lassi, a yogurt based drink. The consistency was perfect; it wasn’t too watery or too thick. However, I thought it could have been sweeter. From the appetizer menu, I sampled the vegetable chaat, which consists of spiced potatoes topped with yogurt, tamarind chutney and cilantro. The chaat had a tangy kick and the crunchy topping added a lot to the plate. The dish did taste slightly too sour and there seemed to be too much tamarind sauce and yogurt for the amount of potatoes. From the side dishes, I tried the spinach tofu. The spinach and the tofu were mixed together with a creamy white sauce that worked really well with the two vegetables. The tofu was very soft and there was no overcooked or under cooked tofu, as I’ve tasted at other restaurants. Next, I tasted the beef vindaloo that had a brown base sauce. The beef tips were well marinated in ginger and garlic bringing success to the entree. Finally, I tasted the butter chicken dish. This was a clear favorite. All the spices were blended perfectly together to create a rich orange sauce. To finish off my meal, I ordered the Indian tea. This tea was very refreshing after the heavy meal. It had the right amount of milk and spices. While eating, I couldn’t help but notice that the scenery wasn’t great. Located right by an apartment complex, I had to watch a guy spit in the parking lot while eating. My appetite decreased because of this. Perhaps curtains would solve the problem. Despite this, all my items came fairly promptly after I ordered them. The waiters were all very welcoming and friendly. My water was filled consistently when empty throughout the night. Most prices on the menu were reasonable. The meat items seemed a little high priced for the quantity, though all main dishes automatically came with large quantities of rice. Indian Delights was in fact quite delightful. With good food and good service, I look forward to eating there again in order to try new dishes.