Michael Dixon/Noland Dickson

Every now and again, a student sets foot into Ames High who can seemingly do anything, who changes the shape of life at our school the moment they walk through the front door. Their names become legendary, and many of us still remember these students long after they’re gone. Students like Ethan Forsgren, whose enchanting voice and unstoppable sex appeal made breaking hearts seem like a leisurely pastime. Or Katie Orazem, who showed us that you can be the smartest person in the world and still know how to have a good time. Or Ben Nadler, who . . . oh wait, never mind. Well get ready, Ames High, to meet the next great student of our time. That’s right, his name is Nolan Dickson. How can one aptly describe someone like Nolan Dickson? Could he be called a great human being? A man among men? "The nuts?" How about Mackenzie Dickson’s younger brother? But no. All of these definitions fall short of and pale in comparison to Mr. Dickson. There is only one way to to say it: he is the complete package. For those of you who don’t know Nolan, he’s a star athlete, a model student, a great dancer, and a nice young man. For starters, he’s co-captain of the freshman football team, and starts on both offense and defense. He’s also been in basketball, track, soccer, and baseball. He participates in band, 4H, dance, and is an active member of his church’s youth group. But Nolan’s appeal goes far beyond a list of activities and accomplishments. He has about him an air of confidence unmarred by conceit. Whether striding out on to the field, bustin’ a move on the dance floor, or simply walking into class, he is a perfect balance of power and grace. He wears excellence like a fine leather hat. And now, only a month and a half into his freshman year, Nolan is raising eyebrows and turning heads. "He just does not look like a freshman," junior Brett Hanson said. "He’s too thick and muscley." "I saw him at Homecoming," senior Kaitlin Estill recalled. "He just came over and started dancing with us. Didn’t make a big deal out of it the way some other freshman would. It was really cool." "He is a pimp," according to sophomore Spencer Davis. "He turned down eight different girls who asked him to eighth grade formal. The ladies [were] all over that guy." It seems beyond the shadow of a doubt that Nolan is destined for great things, within Ames High and outside it’s pale brick walls. There’s no telling how far he will go, but one thing is for sure, whatever he does will be great. "His empire will be bound by the ocean, his glory by the stars." That’s what Virgil said about Noland Dickson, so you know this guy is the real deal.