Wacky Wednesdayy

$0 $0$0 $0$0$0 It’s the only day of the week to look forward to. It’s the only day when it’s socially acceptable to wear brown and black or polka dots and stripes. That day, of course is Wacky Wednesday, when appearances just mean everything. $0$0 Wacky Wednesday has been a tradition of the Ames High Girls Cross Country team for the last 5 years. Every Wednesday before a meet, the team dresses as "wacky" as possible.$0"It’s just fun because you can dress up however you want and no one can make fun of you . " s ophomore Chelsey Shuey said. Outfits have ranged from just plain wacky to themed outfits with friends.$0"One time we were womanizers," j unior Kimberly Garasky said. Garasky and her friends dressed in boxer shorts, unbuttoned shirts, and lipstick smudges which made many on the team just laugh. Another group decided to recreate "Thriller" by wearing ripped white shirts stained with red to represent the zombies from Michael Jackson’s famous music video. $0"Everyone thought we were just creepy zombies and no one got we were Michael Jackson and the zombies," s enior Mackenzie Dickson said. "Once people figured it out, we were pretty much the coolest kids around." The team even gets a chuckle out of the coaching staff on Wacky Wednesdays. $0$0 "I’m really pleased with the positive creativity on the squad," Coach Schmaltz said.$0Because Wednesdays are premeet days, the workout for the Girls’ Cross Country team is easier than usual. The team has a tradition of meeting the coaches in a special spot. $0"We try to have a life lesson at Brookside Park," Schmaltz said. These meetings provide inspiration not only for Thursday’s meet, but for the challenges the team may face outside of cross country. After being inspired, the girls all race to spaghetti dinner. $0$0 Wacky Wednesdays are always the highlight of any girls’ cross country week. It makes it easy to forget the 4-6 mile daily runs soaking in the sunlight. $0$0 "[Wacky Wednesdays] helps the coaching staff and runners not to take life so seriously," Schmaltz said, "We need humor laughter and happiness all the time." $0$0$0 $0$0 $0$0 $0 $0