The Complete Package with a Bow on Top

There has already been a male declared as "the complete package," but who’s to say there isn’t a female one? It looks like James Kohler is up for some competition with the "female complete package," none other than the great Ellen Hansen. Hansen has participated on the varsity level in cross country, basketball, and track since freshman year. Now in her senior year of high school, Hansen hopes to finish her sports seasons full of fun. "I like basketball the most, but cross country is also one my favorites because both are team oriented," Hansen said. Participating in three sports can also have many social benefits. "I have different groups of friends for each sport," Hansen said. Hansen is also looking forward to meeting a whole new team next year in college. Hansen has signed with Wayne State University in Nebraska and will begin playing basketball for them in the fall season. Her other college choices included Drake, NDSU, SDSU, Northern Colorado, and ISU, but Wayne State felt like the right fit. "I got along really well with the coach and the players," Hansen said. "The campus was really pretty too." Wayne, Nebraska is a town of a little over 5,000 including the college students. "I didn’t mind the small town atmosphere," Hansen said. "It is 4 hours away, which is close enough to home." Being the complete package, Hansen had many offers to run in college as well. "I’m done [running] after track," Hansen said. "I like running, but I don’t see myself running in college." Along with being an impressive sports star, Hansen has taken a full load of AP and honors classes throughout high school which include Honors Earth Science, AP Biology, Honors English 10, AP Language and Composition, AP German and AP Calculus. "I try to take 1 or 2 a year," Hansen said, "[otherwise] I get flustered." Along with AP German and AP Calculus, Hansen is taking Composition, Personal Finance and Chemistry this year. "It’s a lighter load this year because I wanted to relax more senior year," Hansen said. Hansen is also involved in I-ball and SHEPH. Ellen Hansen really is the "female complete package" with both sports talent and smarts. Though many might think Hansen would get overwhelmed, she doesn’t think it is too much pressure. "I’m better than James (the male complete package) in every aspect of life except better because I’m a girl," Hansen said. "I’m the complete package with a bow on top."